[US-FL] [H] SA Carbon, SA Penumbra, SA Abyss, SA Nantucket, PayPal [W] Topre, Kits, PayPal


Hi there,

I have 4 SA sets to trade or sell today. They are all being sold for the exact same price I paid. I bought all of them on r/mm.



  • 55g Domes
  • Unbuilt CA-66 HHKB
  • Unbuilt 60% or smaller kits (will add PayPal if needed)
  • Topre boards and keycaps (not artisans)
  • Exotic tactiles (MOD-M, etc.)
  • ALPS keysets
  • Open to other offers, so PM me


Item Status Description Price
SA Carbon Available TKL with a few extra keys $210 + shipping
SA Abyss Available Complete set $170 + shipping
SA Penumbra Pending All sets, lots of coverage $190 + shipping
SA Nantucket Selectric Available Base kit + Specialties + Mac $200 + shipping


Have topre boards, Alps keysets, and exotic tactiles that I’d be interested in trading toward SA Nantucket. Really trying to figure out this forum system, and I can’t seem to find the direct message feature, so if you could send me a message if you’re interested, that would be great.


Damn, bad timing. I would be interested in all of that, but I just traded Nantucket yesterday.


Shoot, oh well. Thanks for the quick response!