[US-FL] [WTB] FC660C Keysets [H] PayPal

Hi I am a new Topre user and making my first end game build, The Heavy - 6. I am looking for grey or black keysets from FC660C. If anyone can help please let me know. I love this community and just joined keebtalk to dive further.

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If you want to go all in with the FC660c you should consider converting to mx sliders.
Take a look here for some ideas.

Flawless conversion would mean to get all sliders (including spacebar) from a novatouch.

Yeah I have seen that as well. I guess more or less I just want a stock set for now to match the case

Just for transparency for anyone who stumbles upon this, I was able to find a set!!!

Nice! It is pretty rare to find just a set of caps. I got lucky and found two sets right after I got my FC660C low-noise because I could not type on the stock BoB caps. I haven’t seen just the caps for sale since.

For anyone interesting in 660c caps, don’t miss out on @biip set coming to KBDFans soon

Also, there was the 2020 set, but it sold out very quickly. I was lucky enough to get a set and they fit and feel great on my Fc660c.


I’m not sure if they plan to restock them, but you can sign up to be informed if they come back in stock.


Right on, I might consider that. The second set wouldnt work for me because im colorblind, BUT I love the look of the keys and the font / print.

Biip 2048 should restock tomorrow according to their website

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