[US-HI] Maroon Lulu w/Tenting Kit, Wrist Rest, Rotary Encoders, Foam [W] PayPal

I’m selling a Lulu in red (“Maroon”) it has 58 keys and is a split ergo kit with a bunch of accessories from boardsource. It’s brand new and I just changed my mind. Included are the board, smoke bottom, smoke tenting kit, OLEDs, smoke encoders, foam for the board and foam wrist rest.

Receipt with inventory:

PayPal G&S or local cash only. $350 shipped to the US. More for outside the US. SOLD

I only opened it to make sure everything was here. I’m asking for what I paid and shipping, boardsource will have extras later though they may charge more.

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More details about the history of this board and why I’m selling are here but it doesn’t really change this sale if you’re interested in a split.

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Price dropped to $350