[US-IL][H] Re-lubed Silk Yellows & Blacks [W] Paypal

Hi Keebtalk!

CONUS shipping is included in the price

  • Silk Yellows — Quantity of 2 (pack of 70 switches) — $83 Shipped

  • Silk Blacks — Quantity of 2 (pack of 70 switches) — $83 Shipped

Switches are re-lubed with Krytox 205g0 (Stem+Spring+Housing) & never mounted

Price Breakdown:

For Silk Switches : 0.65 (retail+shipping+tax) + 0.45 (lubing) + 6.00 (shipping+pp fee)
$45.5 + $31.50 + $6.00 = $83.00

Just trying to make money to buy more keyboard stuff.


Why re-lube already lubed switches?

I would do that to. Based on Manofintrest teardown the lube job had some flaws.
So why not go with the dry one u say? Colors!

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I re-lubed them because the lube on the Silk series were a bit inconsistent. The only part I saw lube was the front part and legs of the stem. Some of the lube on the switches were fine, very smooth out of the box, but it was very inconsistent. Silk switches had no signs of lube on the springs and the pinging noise were evident. Which was my main reason I decided to re-lubed these switches.