[US-IN] [H] SA Lime, GMMK TKL, Kailh Box Switches, Rubber Keycaps [W] Paypal

All prices are shipped within CONUS. Discounts available on multiple items. Would like to keep it within the US at this time. Not too interested in trades, but if you have a keyset with Tada68 compatibility (1.75u right shift…etc) I will hear you out.

SOLD SA Lime $90 Complete set, will ship in pictured trays. This set is well known for having some slight cosmetic defects during the cooling process, resulting in some inconsistencies in the finish of the mods. IMO this set looks nicer than many others I’ve seen, but please look at the pictures well so you know what you are getting. https://imgur.com/a/OZam6UX

SOLD GMMK TKL Hotswappable Board Barebones $42 / With pictured white/blue gradient PBT backlit keycaps (full 104 key set) $57 Bought a couple weeks ago new, used it a for a few days at a time to test a bunch of switches before I build some more boards. Comes in original box with all accessories. The caps (optional) are white with a light blue gradient, in the dark they look completely white with the RGB on. They are PBT with backlit legends. Don’t remember the manufacturer, got for around $30 on aliexpress before this became a “hobby” for me https://imgur.com/a/U3tsW5M

SOLD TaiHao Rubber Keycaps set $7.50 Got from massdrop a few months ago, only WASD have seen use. Will NOT ship with pictured box, just the caps and puller themselves. https://imgur.com/a/7x7SRm2

Massdrop link: Tai-Hao Rubber Gaming Keycap Set | Mechanical Keyboards | Keycaps | Drop

Switches: All switches have been used for only a few days max, and have never been soldered. https://imgur.com/xs6ZqtB

SOLD Box Pale Blue x70 $17.50

SOLD Box Navy x70 $20 (if you need a little more than 70 for a particular build I can probably help you out)

SOLD Box Brown/Box Burnt Orange/Pro Purple x9 each $5.50