[US-MA] [H] A Modded Pearl Black NiZ Plum 84 [W] PayPal, Your Topre Keyboards


Hey Keebtalk!

I’m Buddy and I have been customizing Topre keyboards for the most part of 2020. I spent months of trial and error and RnD to be able to get the best feeling I can from my keyboards. My most recent project is this NiZ Plum 84 that I have for sale.

This NiZ Plum 84 comes with Topre 45g domes, has a painted base plate, a matching painted spacebar, and is housed in a painted case with a deep gloss and automotive-like finish. It has a custom laser cut gasket installed between the painted base plate and the slider housings, making the keyboard noticeably less rattly with an improved feeling of rigidity in the upstroke. Also, 10.75 oz of adhesive weights fill the case making this keyboard 44% heavier than original!

Here’s my guide to all the modifications done.

  • Keys: Choose Stock or GMK WoB
  • Domes: Topre 45g
  • Sliders: Krytox 205g2+105
  • Stabilizers: Krytox 205g2+105. Shrink tube and Krytox 205g2 for stabilizer bars.
  • PCB: Thin layer of Super Lube quiets capacitive springs
  • Case: Pearl Black, weighted
  • Plate: Pearl Pearl
  • Gasket: 1/64" neoprene between plate and housings

Price Shipped:

CONUS: $300

International: $325

GMK WoB: Add $110