[US-MA] [H] A Purple, Heavy Realforce 91 JIS [W] PayPal, Your Topre Keyboards


Hey KeebTalk!

I’m Buddy and I have been customizing Topre keyboards for the most part of 2020. I spent months of trial and error and RnD to be able to get the best feeling I can from my keyboards. My most recent project is this Realforce 91 JIS that I have for sale.

This Realforce 91 JIS comes with purple sliders, 45g domes, has a painted base plate, is housed in a painted case and polished to an automotive-like finish. It has a custom laser cut gasket installed between the painted base plate and the slider housings, making a noticeable improvement in the feeling of the upstroke. 14.75 oz of adhesive weights fill the case, making this keyboard 38% heavier than original!

Here’s my guide to all the modifications done.

  • Keys: Grey JIS
  • Domes: Uniform 45g
  • Sliders: Purple Sliders, Krytox 205g2+105
  • Stabilizers: Silenced. Krytox 203g2+105. Shrink tube and Krytox 205g2 for stabilizer bars.
  • PCB: Landing pads for the stabilizers and spacebar. Thin layer of Super Lube quiets capacitive springs
  • Case: Pearl Plum, weighted
  • Plate: Pearl Plum
  • Gasket: 1/64" neoprene between plate and housings

Price Shipped:

CONUS: $450

International: $475