[US-MD][WTS]KeebIO IRIS keyboard. Assembled in a 3D printed case

Whats done and works:-
Assembled my long due IRIS (v2.8 PCB) while sitting at home for the Corona '19 quarantine.
With Cherry MX browns (and 2 Zilent tactile 67g switches for the thumb column towards the center).
Has per switch LED soldered in place.
Have programmed with the IRIS default layout using QMX - but realize with the fewer amount of keys, it is not my cup of tea to be constantly switching layers for commonly used keys like -+{}[] etc while programming with vi/vim.

Not yet done:
Have the bottom glow LEDs too (not soldered yet) that I shall include.

Whats broken: The micro USB connector on the right half got jammed and has bent some pin on the ATmega32U4. So the keyboard works (and can be programmed) from the left side connector. The right connector perhaps needs to be re-soldered.

Extras: A set of blank keycaps.

Asking for $165 (including domestic US shipping).

Pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/R7Rs4ECfHEM4nhCJ9