[US-MI][H] KBD75 V2, TKC Minivan (JetVan), Mode65, GMK Space Cadet II, NicePBT Grayscale [W] PayPal

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/WETiQHQ
Unless stated otherwise, shipping is included (shipping only to CONUS, sorry). Unless noted, keycaps ship in bags. If item is not crossed out it is still available. Not FCFS, preference to local (48872). Can bundle caps in with a board for slight reduction in price since they would be shipped together, just ask about then when messaging. Cross-posted to Reddit.


Keyboard Description Price
Mode65 White case with silver mirror back and bottom. Solder PCB that has been desoldered with a Hakko FR301-03 and tested to confirm working. Comes with the hardware for the other mounting styles, currently in the isolated top mount configuration. Durock stabs with a few stabs using Gateron Ink wires (will include the extra Gateron Ink stab stuff if you would rather swap them all to that). Comes with the carrying case. Build Code: 1D2I3G4E5A6A7A8A9A $350
TKC Minivan (JetVan) TKC Minivan with the JetVan solder PCB. Built with Gateron Pro Yellows. Case is plastic. $100
KBD75 V2 Light grey top, dark grey bottom. Brass plate, solder PCB currently built with lubed Gateron Robins $120
SwitchCouture Alice Black case, acrylic in good condition with no cracking or breaking. Built with lubed and filmed KTT Roses. Solder Mechlovin PCB $120


Keycaps Description Price
GMK Space Cadet II, Classic Base Opened, never used or mounted. Ships in a bag, but can ship in GMK Packaging for $10 more (https://imgur.com/a/cP8ZOC7). $120
DCX Permafrost Mounted once but never typed on. $50
NicePBT Grayscale Mounted and lightly typed on a few times. No noticable wear. $30


Switch Description Price
NK Creams V1 Lubed, not broken in $35 ($0.50/switch)

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