[US-MI][H] Whitefox Aria w/ Hako Clear + Extras, XD64 Built w/ Gateron Black Tsangan Layout,MaxKey SA Portland, YMDK White PCB [W] PayPal, Venmo, Local Cash


Whitefox Aria Hako Clear, Case, Keycaps + Extra, USB-C Cable $200
XD64 Gat Black, Tsangan Layout, Purple Sprit Plate, Tape Mod, O-Ring Mounted plastic case, No Key Caps $100
Cooler Master Quick Fire Rapid Cherry Green, Bought used with no Backspace Stabs, No Keycaps $75
YMDK White “B.Face” PCB Never Soldered, VIA Flashed, USB Mini $45
Built B.FAKE POSSIBLY BRICKED Have tried to flash original firmware using different methods with no luck. Gat Green, Split Backspace, Official Winkeyless.kr acrylic case, foot has a broken piece from over tightening, see photo in timestamp album $85
Geekkeys Purple/Black Hombre Blank Keycaps No 7u spacebar, possibly missing a 1.25u bottom mod, honestly not sure. $30
MaxKey SA Portland Bought brand new years ago from KBD Fans. Lightly Used $90

Local Area is Mount Clemens Michigan