[US-NC] [H] Artisans(Krytone, SUK) [W] PayPal


Welcome to Donut’s “Oh fuck I’m the only one in the house with a job right now” offloading of stuff round 1. Prices are based on what I could find info on, but also OBO, so hit me with offers cause I’m trying to be flexible. Shipping for artisans is $4/CONUS for singles, calculated by location for multiples.

Krytone Sheep - Bundle only, $450 - Krytone’s old Topre stem that fits on most MX stems as well. I’m super fond of these caps and I’ve been super hesitant to let this group collection go, but artisans don’t pay the water bill.

Krytone Chickeys - $35/ea - Some are Krytone’s aforementioned Topre/MX stems, some are MX only, as labeled in the timestamps. Part of my overall Krytone-centric collection.

Krytone D’mons - $35/ea - All MX only. More Krytone stuff I’ve been holding onto for years now, including one I stopped in the middle of a 4hr drive home from uni to nab. Gold SOLD.

SUK Snapper “Roastmallow” - $80 - MX stem. My first artisan raffle win I’ve held onto almost four years now.


Crimson Cadet - $300 shipped insured conus OBO - Base kit, opened but never taken out of the trays. I had full intentions to do an entire themed build with this set until 2020 hit full stride. I’m immensely upset that I’m needing to sell it, but I’m actually on the verge of being literally out of money at this point.