[US-NC] [H] GMK Royal Alpha R2, Artisans, Jolimon Case [W] PayPal, GMK Nautilus Novelties

Been awhile since I posted in here, lemme know if I did something wrong

Timestamps: https://i.imgur.com/Sj0IGkD.jpg, https://i.imgur.com/JgSvP4T.jpg, https://i.imgur.com/ngMSqeA.jpg

All prices are without shipping. USPS First Class for small stuff, Priority for the big stuff, cost consolidated for multiple items.

Artisans: https://i.imgur.com/8etXpL0.jpg Krap D’mon and Chickeys, as the pic says $32 for the MX stems, $30 for the Topre stems. Extras from bundles and designs I moved on from.

GMK Royal Alpha R2 - Base kit and spacebars kit, opened, two of the keys from these kits I have taken out and used alongside my ePBT samples; the 6.25u N7 spacebar from the spacebars kit and the N7 ansi enter key. The enter has minimal wear, enough that you probably wouldn’t notice if I didn’t tell you. The spacebar is noticeably shined partway across, but also not part of the base kit so I figure it’s less significant. Both sonic cleaned before packing up and I can grab pics of them if you want. Had this one in my keyset drawer to use but always preferred white mods over the green. I’ll try another $250 obo and go from there. - nvm it’s available

Jolimon Case https://imgur.com/a/ejRm3L9 - Custom case my brother won at the 2018 San Antonio meetup(that was a hell of a drive from the east coast lemme tell you hwat). Comes with mounting screws and the custom feet for the case with some bumpons. He’s still in the “fullsize stage” of the hobby - Pro L w/ blues, GMK Nautilus, even got a matching Enos on there - with no real interest in other layouts at the moment, so I’m trying to trade for the Nautilus novelties he’s wanting. Not real picky on used or new, prefer not a super amount of shine. Willing to throw in an artisan or two from up above to bring up the trade value, though similar cases on his site are $100 so I figure the value is already there.

Buy my stuff please, so I can pay bills and afford cable materials so I can get back to making cables.

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Sorry, If I had the money for Royal Alpha R2 I’d be all over it bud. Unfortunately I just commited to buying a set of DCS Toxic cause it comes with the alphas, toxic mods, deluxe add on kit, and toxic tsangan kit! Which are other than the alpha & mods all pretty rare child kits for it you rarely if ever see up for sale. Had to jump on it even though I’m not a huge DCS fan, who knows maybe this set will change my mind on DCS? :thinking:

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