[US-NC] [H] PayPal [W] A Few Mill-Max 7305 Sockets

I’ve got a bit of a head scratcher on my hands. I picked up a second Prophet that needed some remedial work done to the case itself, which I’m doing. In the meantime, I sent the new, sealed PCB off to be millmaxed (I don’t have the time do it myself with an infant in the house). Come to find out, the 3305 sockets that I purchased for it don’t fit. Here’s the kicker: an 0305-2 socket does fit, but the length of these has me worried about bottoming-out. Additionally, I know 7305s work because I’ve seen it done before.

The confusing bit to me is that per Mill-Max’s spec sheets, all of these sockets have the same diameter (1.47mm). That aside, I’m left with a couple of options and that’s why I’m here with my weird request. Does anyone have a few spare 7305 sockets lying around that they could send my way? I’ll of course pay for shipping and whatever they’re worth to you, I just want to try a few to check fitment before I commit to buying a whole board’s worth of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I can confirm 7305s work in the prophet pcb. I used some in the bottom row of mine. Just be mindful if you’re using a nylon plate because the flexibility can make it easier for the switches to come out.

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Ah, good info! I’ve only used polypropylene plates thus far because I’m wary of the shrinkage of nylon. That makes me feel better about ordering 7305s though! Now if I could only make sense of why 3305s don’t fit.