[US-NC][WTS] - HHKB Pro Hybrid, HHKB Pro Hybrid Type-S, GMK Skeletor

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  • I’m doing my best to disclose everything, but if you have questions, please feel free to ask up front. I want to make sure you walk away happy too.

HHKB Pro Hybrid - $150 + shipping

Overall in great shape. I used this as my daily driver for nearly 2 years, so there is a slight bit of shine on the spacebar and case right in front of the spacebar where my right thumb would sit. I tried to get this in the last photo, but it’s hard to photograph. No longer used because I switched to a Kinesis Advantage for RSI.

SOLD - GMK Skeletor - $75 + shipping

Used briefly - some shine

SOLD - HHKB Pro Hybrid Type-S - $225 + shipping

Also, in great shape, this one was used much less than the non type-s board because I could never bond with the sound of a type-s HHKB.



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man, that’s a great price on skeletor. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I could find the accents for it.


Dropped prices a little bit - Bump


I’m pondering…

Silly good prices.

I’m definitely interested in GMK Skeletor.

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I will buy GMK Skeletor right now please do message me

Thank you for the interest in Skeletor, it has actually just sold and shipped out today. HHKB Type S is sold as well, will update the top of the post to reflect those as sold.

Dropped price of the remaining HHKB and bump.