[US-NC][WTS] - HHKB Pro Hybrid, HHKB Pro Hybrid Type-S, GMK Skeletor

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  • I’m doing my best to disclose everything, but if you have questions, please feel free to ask up front. I want to make sure you walk away happy too.

SOLD - HHKB Pro Hybrid - $150 + shipping

Overall in great shape. I used this as my daily driver for nearly 2 years, so there is a slight bit of shine on the spacebar and case right in front of the spacebar where my right thumb would sit. I tried to get this in the last photo, but it’s hard to photograph. No longer used because I switched to a Kinesis Advantage for RSI.

SOLD - GMK Skeletor - $75 + shipping

Used briefly - some shine

SOLD - HHKB Pro Hybrid Type-S - $225 + shipping

Also, in great shape, this one was used much less than the non type-s board because I could never bond with the sound of a type-s HHKB.



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man, that’s a great price on skeletor. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I could find the accents for it.


Dropped prices a little bit - Bump


I’m pondering…

Silly good prices.

I’m definitely interested in GMK Skeletor.

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I will buy GMK Skeletor right now please do message me

Thank you for the interest in Skeletor, it has actually just sold and shipped out today. HHKB Type S is sold as well, will update the top of the post to reflect those as sold.

Dropped price of the remaining HHKB and bump.

Hey are you still selling the hhkb hybrid?

Hey, yes, it’s still for sale!

Man, that’s a great deal. I’m going to be kicking myself for not scooping it up when my polycarbonate heavy grail shows up.

do you accept trades ?

Just looking for cash for it. The only thing I’m really interested in the keyboard world right now is the 360 advantage.

What weight are the domes on the remaining hhkb?

by default they’re 45g.