[US-NC][WTS] - M1 Mac Mini 16gb ram 256gb ssd

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  • Asking - $500 + shipping $450

Mods, if this isn’t okay to post here, feel free to remove, I just REALLY want to avoid listing this on ebay and this is the only online community I’m active on.

I’m looking to sell my Mac Mini with the following specs:

  • M1 chip
  • 16GB unified memory
  • 256GB SSD storage
  • Original purchase date 12/12/2020
  • No Apple care
  • No original box anymore (I stupidly tossed it a few months ago when trying to clear room in my closet)

This was my primary computer for a while and lives on my desk, but I made the full time switch to Linux and i3 and the Mac no longer gets any use.


Great price. If I saw this 3 weeks ago, I would’ve definitely pulled. If you don’t have any success here, r/appleswap on reddit may net you a quick sale, especially at this price. GL!


Looks like I need to sell some keyboards and keysets soon :eyes:

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Giving one last bump here