[US-NC] [WTS] Switch and Switch Part Mega Bundle

As I try to thin down my once-sizable MX switch collection, I’m hoping to get rid of these in one fell swoop and provide a sizeable discount in exchange. I’ve done my best to catalog everything listed but please keep in mind that part numbers are approximate but I’ve also very likely (intentionally) under-counted. Without further ado…

Complete Switches

⦁ 70x TTC Gold Pink
⦁ 70x KTT Strawberry
⦁ 70x JWICK Red
⦁ 70x Gateron Frankenswitches (Ink tops, Pro Yellow stems & bottoms, 50g TX Long springs. Lubed with 106 and filmed)
⦁ 70x Gateron Frankenswitches. My attempt to build a “better Black”. Gateron Nylon housing, Ink Stems, 60g TX Medium springs, lubed with 205g0 and Superlube on the springs. Broken in to 425k actuations.
⦁ 90x Zepsody Wisteria
⦁ 50(ish) Switches from Switch Oddities. Tons of interesting stuff, both good and bad.
All switches are new or like new. None have been soldered.


⦁ 200x Hyperglide bottom housings
⦁ 100x Hyperglide top housings
⦁ 140x Aqua King top housings (fit Hyperglide bottoms and stems really, really nicely)
⦁ 70x Gateron Pro Milky top housings
⦁ 70x JWICK white top housings
⦁ 15x Gateron Pro Milky bottom housings
⦁ 10x Cherry Browns (disassembled)
⦁ 35x Boba Housings (Pearl tops, pink bottoms)
⦁ 70x Invyr Pandas (disassembled and these have been desoldered)
⦁ 70x Boba U4T stems
⦁ 70x Kailh Black housings & springs
⦁ 15x Gateron Ink Black top housings
⦁ 15x Gateron Black Ink stems
⦁ 70x Gateron Pro Yellow stems
⦁ 90x Gateron Pro Yellow springs
⦁ 30x Boba LT stems (from the prototype run)
⦁ 70x Cherry Silent red stems & springs
⦁ 20x Cherry Silent black stems
⦁ 70x JWICK Black stems
⦁ 70x Invyr Panda stems
⦁ 100x Cherry Black Hyperglide stems
⦁ 70x Gateron Yellow stems
⦁ 100x Durock 62g long springs

I’m asking $125 Shipped CONUS. Happy to answer any questions as well!