[US-NJ][H] Zoom TKL Lilac, KBD67 Lite R2, ALF Studio, MTB HB60, Artisans [W] Paypal, Artisans

Hello all, please see my timestamps for all the items. All prices include shipping via Priority Mail. Please comment before PM’ing. If you have any questions, please ask:

Stamp of Time


Zoom TKL Lilac - Essential Edition: Brand new unbuilt, only removed for pictures. It includes the carbon fiber backplate, Lilac Case, PC Plate and all other accessories. $230 shipped

MTB Keys HB60: For starters, I would reccomend having this board stripped and recoated, the powdercoater I brought it to laid it on way to thick and white the case does close, it does not look very good (Some areas where the case comes together with the plate have large gaps). Aside from that, the boar has a DZ60 RGB with lubed akko blue oceans that have 75g springs in them and durock stabs. It also comes with the extra keycaps from the keyreative blue keyset. $120 shipped

KBDFans Lite R2 - Transparent orange case with JTK Orange Counterstrike Keyset. It has lubed JWICK T1’s and is almost brand new. I barely typed on this board. $165 shipped

ALF Studio DC60 - ALF Studio case with, Yok pandas with a 1up hotswap PCB and (I think) cherry stabs. Also note 3 of the switches in the bottom right are durock t1’s. The case is in decent shape. I painted it a magenta pink and it does have some flaws mainly on the bottom as pictured as well as a chipped corner. The board is really nice to type on and I will likely harvest the switches if I cannot get my asking price. $80 shipped

Artisans (Trade Only, See Below):

Brocaps Brobot V3: Deepspaced

Brocaps Brobot V2.69: Bile + Blank

Brocaps PandaBoo: Little Green

ETF / Nightcaps Poisoned Summer Fughoul: Inlet (1/18)

Want Artisans:

Clack Factory: 3d Clack Skull (Topre)

Brocaps Brobots: Ozone, Powder Puff Set, Nebulus, Blackout, Andromeda, Spirit of Freedom, Celestial Pink, Cotton Candy, Eva 01, Miami, Metallic Blue, Soundwaves, Vepr, Botman, Buzz, OJ

Aero Aerophants: Any (Too many to list, send me what you have)

Bro Froper: Satan, Bloodguard, Cosmic, Candied Purple, Frigid, Pluson, OG, Poison Nebula

SludgeKidd Weeper: Candycorn, Cartoon Guts, Daydream Gem, Daze, Ectoplasm, Hallowed, Extra Terrestrial, Jack O Lantern, Miami Lasers, Miami Shatter, Miami Ice, Nuka Cola Quantum, Warp Malfunction, Pastel Drool

SludgeKidd Scully: Any

DC Caps Reaper V1 or V2: Any

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That Orange KBD67 is hot!

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