[US-NJ] WTS Square X.60, Bumper 60 - Rose Gold Toyko60 Added - Prices Cut

Below is a copy of what I posted on Mechmarket.

I am willing to make good discounts for Keebtalkers - so feel free to make offers


You know the drill. Clearing out things to make room for more things :slight_smile:

All prices include shipping. CONUS only please.

Bumper 60 - $280 or $320 with Instant60 PCB and ANSI Carbon fiber plate

Beautiful Polycarbonate board with brass bumpers. Small group buy from Zap Cables last fall. It sounds and feels amazing to type one.

Square X.60 - $415 OBO

E-White HHKB, Red Weight, Black Plate - Gorgeous - Never built! Was going to do a GMK Metaverse build but no longer own Metaverse, lol. Comes with both solder and hotswap PCBs. Will ship in all the original packaging with original accessories.

Rose Gold Tokyo60 - $130
Built with silent Boba switches and MKUltra plate foam. Includes acrylic diffuser which was never used or installed. Rare Rose Gold color from V1 that has not been re-run. Includes cheap PBT keycaps that DROP included in the package. I need to get rid of them so I will charge you more if you want me to take them off before shipping :slight_smile:

IMG_0206 (1)


That square x60 is niiiiiiiice I really don’t need it but I waaaaant it… glws


Damn both of these are great. :crossed_fingers: I hope I can save enough for that bumper before someone snags it, but whoever does is doing themselves a solid


Found the box for the bumper in the closet, so that will be included as well:


Tokyo60 added to sale. Prices reduced.

Wow! That boxart must be worth more than the keeb!

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@rpiguy9907 Is the bumper still available?