[US-NM] [H] Paypal [W] 50x Zealios/Tealios


Just looking to get 50x Zealios or Tealios, possibly more if you want to offload a lot from/for a 60%, I don’t mind helping you out there! Whatever weight you have works since I plan to do a spring swap anyway. Let me know what you have and thanks for taking a look at my post :grinning:

Zealios still have some left from round 11 on their site. I actually just ordered some and got them within a few days.

Yeah, I will grab those if I don’t end up finding a deal on some used ones somewhere in a few days! Appreciate the link :smiley:

I have a ton of Zealio stems, and would be happy to combine those with my extra housings to make you some switches. What is your weight preference?