[US-NV] [H] Custom Brutal60 [W] PayPal

Looking to sell this beautiful custom Brutal60 for a chance to buy one of my grail boards. Specs:

  • The case has been powder coated Prismatic Powders Soft Satin White and has sound dampening mat.
  • The plate is a custom cut Copper plate from SendCutSend and also has plate foam.
  • Stabs are lubed cream C3s with black bars.
  • Switches are Holy Pandas. Stems and sliders were lubed with 3204 and the springs lubed with Hoppes No9 oil.
  • PCB is a XD60 Rev3

Keyboard is in very nice shape and it types like a dream. Looking to sell for $365obo shipped CONUS without keycaps. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more pictures. Cheers :beers:


Damn that’s legit a pretty good price


Yeah with the custom cerakote it is a great value. I was almost tempted, but have spent way to much ebay hunting the past week LOL. GLWS Redbeard, I’m sure someone will snap it up at that price soon!


HPs on Brutal60 was my jam for most of last year. Someone should buy this that doesn’t already have one, like now.