[US-NV] [H] Paypal [W] Planck Plate Foam

Looking for Planck high pro MIT plate foam. I could more than likely make the other layouts work as well. Thank you in advance for any offers!

If you aren’t able to find this, you can always cut some yourself.

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mkultra has them

This is what I did, with both my Shinobi keyboards. 4mm EVA foam, a sharpie, and 3-4 OLFA 9167US KB4-S/5 Precision Art Blades. The key was to push the blade through, then pull it out. that way the foam didn’t get stretched out by a dragging motion, also made it easier to prevent over cutting.


Out of stock with no estimate on restock :sob:

Oh I didn’t see that there’s a difference between lo pro and hipro… it’s just foam, you could probably easily add whatever holes you would need

I usually just get whatever the closest one they have to the layout I need and hack it up with scissors

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