[US-NV] [H] Paypal [W] Susuwatari Keycaps

Good morning everyone. I am desperately looking for the following in the Susuwatari Monotone colorway:

  • 1 x 1u row 4 CTRL
  • 1 x 1u row 4 ALT
  • 1 x any 1u row 4 that will work for a WIN or CMD key

I have the equivalent in with the blue legends that come with the Susuwatari ortho kit I can give you in addition to some monetary compensation through Paypal. Thank you in advance for any offers! Cheers :beers:

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Good luck on the hunt buddy

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Thanks, I can use as much luck as possible :laughing: This is seeming to be a tough find!

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Might be easier to just get the WoB-set from drop? :thinking:

Thought about that but the legends in the Susuwatari are actually a cream color and the key is a dark gray so WoB will definitely look off.

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I am also willing to buy the monochrome kit, if you got the kit for sale.

Hi. Unfortunately I’m away from where my keycaps are… until maybe Q2 of next year.
If you’re still interested then, I can help you with that.