[US-NY] [H] Artisans, Zealencios, KAWS, PayPal [W] Basil, Campfire, and Yard Berry Booper blanks, Clacks, HWS Greyed R Gud / Negaverse / iLacWarmth, other artisans, BSP, PayPal

#Looking for the last three Booper blanks from the rainbow sale!!


Pulpy TS


  • Lo-Ki Studio Fairy Bottle - $31
  • PianoKey - Carbon colorway - $36
  • DoomCaps blank - $10

Or take all three artisan keycaps listed above for $69 shipped.

Items without prices are for trade (box full of artisans + box with blanks)

  • Kosmo is Topre; Bros are TMX; everything else is MX.
  • KAWS Small Lie (Grey)


Click here to see my wishlist

Looking to purchase (or trade for) the CAMPFIRE, BASIL and YARD BERRY Booper blanks. Offering Pulpy blank for colorswap for any of the three listed. Also looking to purchase or trade for the same sale’s Keywoks or Colonels.

For the rest, offering $, trades, you know the drill.

Keycaps not depicted or specified in detail in the wishlist, in which I’m interested in no particular order:

  • Bro Caps Candied Purple Rustler
  • Nightcaps Andrew’s Algae colorway caps
  • Keyforge Holy Panda Shishi
  • KK Snackeys v1 [MX]: Strawberry, Blood Orange, Snozzberry
  • KK Furt Reborn [MX]: Frozen Flame, Endosphere
  • KK Fruit Reboot [T]: Bitberry or Bitberry Lite, Blood Orange, Lychee
  • GAF Trash Panda: Dr. Trashpattan
  • HWS Negaverse (Fugthulhu, Skulthulhu, Keyng, DWI), iLac Warmth (Fugthulhu, Skulthulhu, DWI), Cobwebbed Possessed Zest, Sun Down in the Ghost Town, Lake & Bake.


  • IBM 5251 Beamspring with working solenoid.


Please comment on thread before PMing. Feel free to ask questions. Thanks for looking!

– To PM, you just click on my name and then “Message”. Cheers!

wasn’t expecting to see Kaws posted here. that’s cool!
i wish i had something to trade for it, i missed out on small lie.