[US-NY][H] RAMA Zenith Moss, KBD75v2 Grey, Keychron K8 TKL, Boardsource Mark65 [W] Paypal

Selling a few keebs to make space for new ones. Shipping to CONUS only please. Thanks for looking!


Keyboard Description Price
RAMA Zenith Moss New, only used once, Moss (green) color, hotswap, usb-c, extra solder PCB, zenith stabs (lubed), original box. $400 $350 + shipping SOLD for 330
KBD75v2 Grey, factory-built and lubed, soldered pcb, cherry reds (linear), brass plate, brass weight, extra weight (grey). $150 + shipping
Keychron K8 TKL wireless, white backlight, usb-c, hotswap optical switches, mounted with keychron optical reds (linear), +87 keychron optical blues (clickys), original box. $60 + shipping
Boardsource Mark65 Space grey aluminum case, alum plate, unopened hotswap PCB, polycarb riser. (will build for extra) $200 + shipping

The extra zenith solder pcb was sold separately. Zenith keyboard price lowered.

Rama zenith sold for $330