[US-NY] Switch lubing service

Im new here to keebtalk so I don’t really know the rules and sections here so I apologize for putting this ad in the wrong section. I have been interested in the mechanical keyboard industry since about a year ago and I want to start my own lubing service. However, I will only be accepting switches sent directly to me from the seller due to the global pandemic going on right now. I will be hand-lubing all stabs and switches with krytox 205G0. Please message me for more details.


Hey welcome to KT @Michellee! The marketplace would be the proper place to place an ad such as this. However, not sure how much traction you will get here. Most of the people here are deeply entrenched in the hobby, have their own preferences as to lubing, & most do it themselves. You’d probably have more luck posting over on r/mk & r/mm where there is a bigger amount of beginners.

Although please don’t take my post the wrong way. I am not saying your post is unwelcome here or that nobody here would be interested in the service you’re offering. Just saying that our community is made of mostly people who have been involved in the hobby for many years & have very entrenched personal preferences pertaining to their builds. To that point, if you posted a few pics of your lubing process, some pics of finished switches, a couple sound tests with builds using switches you’ve lubed, etc. That would go a long way to showcasing what you can do here. Also give those of us who would normally lube our own switches an ideal of what your lubed switches would be like & if your service is something we’d be interested in trying.

Anyways again no disrespect meant at all, just wanted to point out you have a very discerning user base here. Beyond that I wish you luck on you endeavor & hope to see you around the site in the future. If you’re only a year into the hobby this place has many very knowledgeable members that love to help people get deeper into the hobby & perfect their preferences. Also I think you’ll find this a very easy going place where everyone gets along well & treats others with respect. It’s mine & many others favorite hangout to discuss the hobby & keep up to date with it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, thanks for the advice!


Best of luck on your switch lubing servicing adventures! :slight_smile:

There’s definitely a market out there for the lazy among us hehe