[US-OH] [WTB] Ikki68 Aurora Iceland PCB

Looking for just the PCB. My search has been so unsuccessful in the aftermarket, I’m beginning to think that these PCB’s are vaporware. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Probably hav to wait for R3 and then buy just the PCB.

I wouldn’t mind another PCB myself. I should try the bluetooth one since I took the foam out where the battery would go.

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What I’m really after is a Bluetooth PCB with VIA support that either fits an existing board that I own (or a cheap, possibly plastic one that I could pick up) or would fit a universal 60/65% case. My first thought was the Ikki68 Aurora.

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Maybe one of the other Meletrix PCBs…

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I actually thought about getting one of their new 75%'s, but at $230 or so it’s more than I want to spend on this board (just for a HTPC hooked up to a TV in my hobby room).

You might also be able to get away with something from Keychron as well.