[US-OH] [WTT] [H] Ikki68 Aurora Mizu Ed

I’m looking to trade my Mizu Ed Ikki68 Aurora CASE for an R2 Ikki68 CASE in the Snow or Fog colorway. I like the board, but sadly after the KAT Mizu production and GMK Mizu R2 delays, I don’t really have anything that matches the cool case. Note that if the owner would rather keep their top case (bought the alu version or just like the color otherwise), I would be willing to trade the bottom case only. Also, my top case has a tiny imperfection in the white plastic which appears like a tan fleck (physically unmarred however), but is rather unnoticeable when in use. Weird request I know, but maybe there can be two pleased people at the end of it. Thanks!

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