[US-SC] [H] Paypal [W] Brass plate and brass weight for Canoe


I just got my PC Canoe after waiting roughly 3 months. I’m thinking that it needs some density to help it sound better, so I’m looking for a brass plate and weight for a Canoe. Hoping one of you good people have something you’re willing to sell.


I wondered about the sound of the PC version. I have the MAO verison and the sound signature is one of the things I don’t love about the board. Surprised it’s not better with PC.

I built my aluminum one with holy pandas and it feels unpleasantly harsh to type on and sounds not good. I joined the kanu group but for an fr4 plate and the better pcb and am going to build it with foam between the plate and pcb and fill the bottom with as much foam as I can fit

Ha. I joined for the same. FR4 and new PCB

I built this one with 67g Zealio V2s and the stock aluminum plate…and I’m not a fan. It does feel harsh to type on and it just plain sounds bad to me. I’ve been typing on a Sirius for a month though, so maybe I’m spoiled. Maybe it would be better with different switches and/or a different plate. I thought the density of the brass might offset some of the issue, but who knows.

I scored a custom acrylic plate off mechmarket a few days ago that I want to try. It’ll be coming in this weekend. Maybe that will make it less harsh and change the sound.

I didn’t get in on the Kanu buy because the board was still stuck in China when that was happening and was over by the time it arrived.