[US-SC] [H] TX75v2, B.mini [W] Paypal, 60% parts

Hello fellow keebtalkers!

Need to raise a little money for another project (I live in a pretty rural area and good LTE modems are expensive…) and need to sell a couple of my boards.



  1. TX75v2 - Built with Blueberries, lubed with 205g0, spring swapped to 68g Sprit. Springs lubed with 3203. Genuine Cherry stabs, lubed with superlube. This board has been great, I’m just over the 75% form factor. Comes with TX bag and original accessories: cable and extra bumpons and screws. PCB had an issue with one of the solder pads, easily jumped from adjacent pad, no issues. Build quality is great. Board is very heavy, so shipping+insurance will be extra. - $550 OBO

  2. Winkeyless.kr B.mini - 75%, Built with Outemu Sky (65g Sprit springs, sliders lubed with 205g0). Converted to QMK a while back. CNC’d poly bottom and black alu plate - $170 OBO


Additionally, I am looking to buy some 60% parts

  1. PCBs - no need for RGB. Plain60 or something like it with VIA support would be ideal.
  2. Plates - looking for tray mount plates in POM, poly, acrylic, etc. Will take half or full plates.