[US-TN] [WTB] 20+ Tecsee Blue Velvet Tactiles [H] PayPal, other switches

Hey folks - I’ve been topping-off a few of my jars, and it looks like I’ve run into one that’s been discontinued. The new Banana Milk switches are replacing Blue Velvets in Dangkeebs’ lineup, so they likely won’t be restocking the latter. That being the case, I’m looking to buy some second-hand. Anyone have some they’re willing to part with?

I’ve got good ol’ PayPal, but also heaps of extra switches I could trade, including but not limited to:

  • Invokeys Black Sesames
  • JWICK Nylon T1s
  • NK Silk Olivias
  • Gateron G Pro (v1) Yellows

Those are ones I know I have at least 20 to spare for a direct trade - though if you’d be more interested in a sample pack with a bunch of different ones I have a lot more to choose from - give me a list of what you’re looking for and I’ll post a time-stamped photo with the ones I have.