[US-VA] [H] DSA Miami Dolch/DSA Legacy (Pulse) [W] PayPal

I went on a bit of a spending spree on MD for Keysets, and I need to get rid of some of them as I have way too many. Both are new in bags, never mounted, never opened.

DSA Legacy - $150 Shipped https://imgur.com/XdSs89W Black Alphas, Solace Mods, Solace Extras, 1337 - Pulse, Solace TKL Sold
DSA Miami Dolch - $150 Shipped https://imgur.com/gX6tZNm Base, 60% mods, TKL Mods, WhiteFox, Vice Kit, Macro Kit Sold

CONUS Only, Shipped by Priority 2-day

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