[US-VA][H]More GMK Sets - Open, but barely used [W] Venmo/Paypal

I’m getting rid of most of my GMK sets- these are the next tier; ones that I opened, but either barely used or just mounted for pictures. I’m starting with the last price I saw the sets sell for on /r/mm as I’ve not really been paying attention to prices, so feel free to counter.

Accepting Venmo (preferred) and Paypal. CONUS shipping only- shipping and handling not included.

Set Price Timestamp Notes
GMK Plum - Base Set (Sold) $100 https://i.snap.as/ebIswz72.jpg Original Owner
https://i.snap.as/pIP8yryl.jpg Never used
GMK Nautilus R1 $225 https://i.snap.as/fsIJcAgd.jpg Original Owner
Base + Space Bars https://i.snap.as/T4mk8fTG.jpg Mounted but not used
GMK Oblivion R1 (Sold) $200 https://i.snap.as/ZfkcwqfP.jpg Original Owner
R1 from KeyClack
https://i.snap.as/81MN8Heg.jpg Some shine on 2U Space
Bars (pictured)
GMK Hydro R1 (Sold) $225 https://i.snap.as/qak5x9zb.jpg Original Owner
https://i.snap.as/Fh3AJztc.jpg R1 from KeyClack
Mounted and used but
no wear visible
GMK Space Cadet R1 (Sold) $225 https://i.snap.as/8N1GhFYR.jpg Original Owner
Base + Space Keys R1 from Massdrop
Mounted and used but
no wear visible

Bump - prices adjusted.