US Vendors and Shipping

Hi guys, I will be moving to the US pretty soon so I want to ask for your opinions on reputable vendors for GBs in general. I do tend to buy GMK/SP keycaps a lot so any reputable vendor is appreciated. Moreover, I will live in FL so I was wondering is the shipping fees will be a lot? Thanks.


Novelkeys is excellent. So is Divinikey. CannonKeys is fine, though I have seen a handful of complaints about their QA, they still have an extremely good reputation. Never bought from Omnitype, but I hear they’re good too. Signature Plastics has always been amazing for me, sometimes shipping same-day.

Avoid Kono; they’ve had issues for years, and I’m not even sure if they’re still functioning as a vendor, since their site hasn’t been updated and group buys haven’t shipped for so long.

I’ve personally never had any issues with in-stock purchases from Vala Supply, but they’re far behind in shipping group buys, and have had lots of recent extreme fire sales of 40-50% off, that make it seem like they might be having cash flow problems. (MyKeyboard and MKUltra did the same before going under.)

When in doubt, check Alexotos’s vendor list, which is pretty well-maintained:

EDIT: In terms of shipping, most of these places charge $7-12 shipping for the continental US, unless you hit their free shipping minimum, which can often be $100-$300, depending on the vendor.


I like CK a lot and have had very good experiences. They’re pretty much my primary store; almost all my boards are from them. I agree re: NK and Divinikey as well. Also had a good experience with Omnitype and would buy from them again but more limited experience. Keebs for All has been fine for me with some switch purchases, but I’ve heard some regard their responsiveness and shipping times as hit or miss. It’s been a while for me.

Edit: Oh! is also good! They mostly have prebuilts but can come through in a pinch. They have some surprising switch options, for example.


A couple more US vendors I can recommend: I get all my handwiring parts and controllers from I’ve got a few boards from Mode Designs that are incredibly well-made. Invokeys has plenty of good switches. All of these places have shipped within a day or two, and I’ve never had issues with any of them.

And then there’s Drop; their group buys can often be delayed and shipping is slow, but they do eventually get things to you. I haven’t used them in ages since they kind of veered away from enthusiast keyboard offerings to more gamer-targeted stuff.

Also, avoid OhKeycaps; they turn up in a ton of Google searches for keycaps, especially SA ones, but are a zombie store that hasn’t shipped anything in over two years. They’ll just take your money and ghost you.