[US-WA][H] Invyr UHMWPE Linear Stems. Gat. Milky Yellows [W] Paypal


90 count Invyr UHMWPE Linear Stems & 90 count Gat. Milky Yellows bundle - 65$ shipped in the CONUS. - still available, previous buyer fell through.

  • Revised Invyr UHMWPE Linear Stems

  • Bought these to put in the gat. yellows. Tried the gat. yellows while I waited and realized I don’t want to be initiated into the linear gang.

  • Gat. Yellows are stock.

EDIT: Forgot to put the count. 90x Milky Gats and 90+ Invyr UHMWPE Linear Stems (I believe they give you a few extra).


These are still available if anyone is interested. Willing to split them up too if you just want to try the stems or want fast shipped yellows. :smiley: