[US-WA] [H] Leopold FC660M w/ dark gray aluminum case and lubed 67g Zealios [W] Paypal

Hi KeebTalkers,


I’m looking to sell my endgame keyboard for $215 excluding shipping.

Leopold FC660M with:

  • gray aluminum case
  • 67g Zealios (lubed with Tribosys)
  • clipped and tuned stabilizers
  • stock keycaps
  • anodized feet
  • USB cable


  • all keys are Zealios except Right Control, which is MX Brown
  • LEDs on Caps Lock and Insert need to be replaced
  • Only visible damage is in a little chip on the back, see picture #3


Updated (July 12th): added pics of ano feet and USB cable
Updated (July 8th): lowered price


If you don’t mind me asking, why the single brown switch on the board?

Beyond that, GLWS.

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Because I bought 65 Zealio switches and the keyboard has 66 keys, so I just kept the Brown switch on the least used key.

Huh, OK. Makes sense to me. Thanks for answering. :slight_smile:


Hey, out of interest - was it difficult to desolder this board and replace it with zealios? This is pretty end game for me too and interested in doing it myself. Did you just buy a standard 660m with cherry switches and change the switches and add the alu case?

It was somewhat hard because the board was soldered with lead free solder and the LEDs were especially hard because the pins were folded over at the end. For me, using the solder sucker was impossible for the LEDs and I had to borrow someone’s desolder gun