[US-WA] WTS Yang YDKB 660C/980C BT Controller + 3000 mAh LiPo Battery

Hi! Looking to see if anyone wants to buy my Yang BT controller + LiPo for those who want to skip the Chinese proxy step, as I don’t need it anymore. Looking for $105 shipped for both

Sounds great I might buy. Any photos?

Currently it’s flashed with the FC660C firmware, but according to Rooski you can reflash it with YDKB 980C firmware.

still available

yeah I’m good I don’t have any boards to put this on- Besides I’m not really into the whole hand-wiring stuff.

Is this still available? Is it the USB-C version?

Still available, however this is the usb mini version.

hi, is this still available?

Yup still available

Is this still available?