Useful External Knowledge Bases

What do you have bookmarked for when your keyboard knowledge is lacking? This post is for all the websites, google docs, wikis, guides, and any other useful sources of information spread throughout the web.

This is a wiki post; feel free to edit it to add to this list by suggesting additions or just edit it directly.

Keyboard University

A website made by The Key Company with several articles covering all of the basics of mechanical keyboards and the community behind them. It’s a useful site to send new users to if they’re just getting their feet wet and want to understand what we’re all talking about.


The successor to a popular group buy tracking spreadsheet, this site lists currently running and future keycap GBs in a calendar format, historical info on former GBs, and links to current IC threads.

matrixzj’s Keycaps Info


A list of GMK, SA, and DSA keycap group buys including pictures, prices, and links to the original GH threads and GB pages. This is maintained by a Chinese community member with help from a handful of other contributors on Github.

A website dedicated to listing the different types of MX switches, their properties, prices, photos, sound tests, and more. Their list of switches is very incomplete at this point, but it’s a great resource nonetheless.

Mechanical Keyboard Switches Chart

A list of OEM MX switches with basic info about their travel, weight, type, etc.

A list of open source keyboard projects. An easy way to find PCBs that you can have made for you, 3D-printable cases, and lots of random project boards you can recreate yourself.

The custom keyboard mounting styles cheat sheet

Although it doesn’t go into all the gasket types we have available now, this is still a useful guide for understanding the different mounting style options.

A collection of artisan keycap makers’ catalogs. A good resource for finding the names of artisan colorways you own or just browsing for something to throw your money at.

haata’s force curve graphs

Do you love graphs? Do you want to see how a switch feels? haata from Input Club created many force curve graphs for different switches for everyone to check out! (Note: It looks like this hasn’t had any additions in the past couple of years, if anyone knows of another project like this with more modern switches please add it to the list!)

The Deskthority wiki

Deskthority’s wiki is the go-to place for info on vintage keyboards.

The /r/MechanicalKeyboards wiki

The r/mk wiki contains many useful articles covering all sorts of topics such as repairing keyboards, where to buy them, modification guides, and more. Some pages may be out of date, but there are many guides and links to posts that can be very useful.


Lot of good knowledge here:

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Thanks! Can’t believe I forgot to put that one in.

It’s a good one, but I’m not sure if it is still being maintained.

Same problem as any wiki, really. It doesn’t help that Deskthority is primarily focused on vintage boards, where the info doesn’t change much anyway.

I also added the r/mk wiki to the list, even though it has the same problem that it was basically just Ripster maintaining/adding to it and it’s practically dead since he disappeared.