Useful Fusion 360 scripts for placing keycaps and switches based on KLE string

Hey folks, I created both scripts for my own use, but I think it may be useful for other people as well. All the scripts are available on my GitHub repository.

Here is a brief description of the scripts:

Keycaps Script

This scripts will insert all the keycaps to complete a KLE layout. In order to make it work, you need to create a new project in Fusion 360 and include all STEP files from Hinney Bush’s CherryMX models from here: GitHub - hineybush/CherryMX: Solidworks (.sldprt) models of Cherry profile MX keycaps..

CopyMX Script

This script basically copies MX switches following a layout string based on the Keyboard Layout Editor (KLE) website standard. You need to manually edit the script and replace the LAYOUT string with the desired layout.


I did a similar thing for 3ds Max. It’s very useful.


Neat. Time to use it with my ScrabblePad model and crash F360.

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