User Verification Badge (No longer needed)

Hello everyone,

We are implementing a User Verification Badge! Please respond here to start the process getting your user verification badge.

Thank you.

Edit: You can expect to start your verification process within 3-5 days of replying to this.

Edit 7/9/2018: Locked until I catch up. Vendors can PM me.
Edit 7/12/2018: Opened back up.
Edit 7/23/18 Falling behind again; not going to lock the thread, but planning on catching up today and tomorrow. Thanks for being patient.


Responds here

I would like the check mark of authenticity

Authenticate me like one of your french girls

authenticate me like one of your taobao boards

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I am here, yes.

I want me some real real!


Do you have more of those… shiny badges?


Responding here.

Responding :slightly_smiling_face:

Responding right here


Ready to verify that I’m “me” via Reddit/IG/GeekHack


Responding, I am a real deal.

Hi hello Huey, a badge would be cool

Give me that badge :palms_up_together: