Using an MX spacebar with FC660C

I finally have my new /dev/tty1 caps and an appropriately-sized spacebar, and I need to find a way to use it. I already have MX sliders and all the rest of my keys are working great so far.

Has anyone ever attempted retrofitting an MX spacebar stabilizer into an FC660C to allow an MX spacebar to be used with it? Or alternatively has anyone ever successfully modified an MX spacebar to fit a Topre stabilizer? Either solution is fine. As long as I can have my spacebar match the rest of my keys and feel alright in use.

I expected to have to do some modding to make this work, so hacky solutions are welcome! Any advice is appreciated. :grinning:

Hello friend :slight_smile:

I think you should adventure in the 3d printing world for that one.

The one below I don’t think it works with 6u, but keep searching for 3d printed stuff

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Thanks for this! Didn’t know these kinds of solution were available…

I haven’t really explored 3d printing and don’t have direct access to one but it’s something I’ll have to consider now.

I use that stab on my rf87 and it works great. I would recommend lube since the 3d print has a bit of a texture.

Usually you can find places in your city that prints for you. GL!

Search for 3d printing locally…

I had a cherry switches opening tool made for 5 eur

If you don’t have access to a 3d printer I can recommend 3D Hubs. I’ve used them for several prototypes/projects, and the results are usually very good and affordable.

Also local Maker/hacker spaces might be able to help out for 3d printing

Wow, I honestly never guessed that I might be able to get this kind of thing done for price points as low as 5eu. I have no idea what this would cost in my area but I’d pay 3-5x that to have this done right.

Thanks everyone for chiming in with your experiences and tips :slight_smile: