Using athletic tape instead of band-aid?

Hi guys. I just want to ask if I can use an athletic tape (something like this -> as an alternative for band-aids when doing the “band-aid” mod? Will it have the same effect? I can’t try it now because I still need to order the lube.

I think as long as it can stick to the pcb with no problem and something with cloth like, i think you’re fine. I used another cloth tape, no rattle at all but kinda mushy sounding instead of clacky sounds.

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The problem with that tape is that some brands are thicker than others (and they are usually thicker than band-aids), so you might run into issues with your stabs by using them.

But yeah, I’ve used athletic tape in several of my builds with succesful results.

I’ve heard good things about using ice hockey stick tape for this purpose from a few people on Discord. Apparently, it’s as thin as band-aid fabric. This is the one I ordered and that I plan on trying out:

You can also use small, 0.5 mm thick silicone pads. We talked about that in this thread.

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Thanks for the feedback! I guess I should try and compare it.

What about Gaff tape?

I’ve used KT tape for all my builds, since I always have a few rolls lying around. I’ve never had any issues with the adhesive and it takes lube really well.

I got the tape in today. The adhesive isn’t anything to write home about (in fact, I’d call it a bit weak), but it does appear to be at least as thin as band-aid fabric. We’ll see how well it works in my next build.

I’ve found the middle part left over from switch films works pretty well for the “band-aid mod” & also still lets the clack of a bottom out sound off. Although there is no cushioning using them. It just helps tighten up the stabs a bit so YMMV depending on your preferences. For me it’s the perfect setup!

Let us know what you think of it. I have a bunch band-aids at home, but a friend of mine pointed out that he’s a fan of ice hockey stick tape, so I’m still undecided.

I use skin-tone surgical tape, made out of hanji, wood fiber, I think. Thin and cushiony without being mushy. I typically use one to two layers as needed and apply a bit of lube to enhance the feel.

UPDATE: If you don’t have easy access to hospital supply, google Washi (Japanese version of Hanji popular among crafters). Washi has more color and adhesive options I think.