Using Bondic

I’ve been wondering where Bondic glues, the kind that hardens using UV light, can be useful in improving mechanical keyboards. I think they can patch up cracked keycaps for sure. What I’m more interested in is using bondic to make switches smoother. Bondic originates from material dentists use and I know they can be super smooth, at least when felt using my tongue.

The idea is to apply a thin coat of bondic to stem sliders and legs then use them for a while in the switch before hardening both the stem and the housing. Bondic supposedly does not shrink so the result may not leave a lot of room for lubes but at least it’ll feel snugger.

I haven’t used Bondic before so I’ll need more information before proceeding with the experiment. Any advice would be appreciated.


This is the only point I really wonder about. Part of me thinks that they feel super smooth as they have been essentially swimming in our mouth syrup

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Mouth syrup => Krytox.

UPDATE: This makes me want to try lubing my switch using saliva. LOL.

Just tried saliva. It’s smoother than stock and actually isn’t half bad at reducing spring ping, but stick with conventional lubricants.

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Saliva dries out within hours, perhaps days if you’re lucky. Conventional lubes will last for years.

The big worry with saliva is what it leaves behind after it dries. Enzymes, some sort of other material to carry them, viruses and lots of mouth bacteria. You could end up with mouldy key sliders or worse!

I have some of the stuff. There’s a very transparent variety that is used to bond smartphone screens to glass. It;s cheap on AliExpress and probably on eBay too.

I haven’t used it yet. I’ve been meaning to repair the corner of a part of my PC case but it hasn’t been a top priority.

I hadn’t thought of any keyboard uses!

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