Using JIS Layout as Latin typer

I don’t know how else to word to title to mean that I mean for EU and NA/SA but, I’d be interested in buying a JIS layout keyboard and using it as a daily driver.

Why? Let’s say it’s out of necessity and I’d make light of the situation saying that “Oh, well I’d be able to remap the extra keys to layers”…

But can you? Is there someone daily driving a JIS layout with ZERO intention of typing Japanese?

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I use a 91u at work and a HHKB JIS at home, and there are 0 issues aside from a few keys that register but have nothing assigned to them on the 91u (key left of the backspace, key left of the right shift, one key left of the spacebar and the 2 keys right of the spacebar). As long as your computer is set to ANSI it’ll just act like a normal keyboard. The HHKB JIS had a few keys that I remapped because I could, but still 0 issues.


What did you end up using the extra button in place of the spacebar for?

Nothing, can’t remap them unless I have a hasu USB to USB maybe? When you press the key in a tester or latency tester it registers the button press but nothing is assigned to the button.

Ah kk, that’s what I was also curious about. Would be cool to use them in AHK for some macros.

If you’re able to use AHK on your machine (no restrictions with download and running scripts), I think it’s the best way to add functionality to your keyboard

JIS layout has a different number of keys on each row, which will lead to quite a fair amount of retraining your muscle memory. For the additional keys, it could be useful to map them to shortcuts or macros to improve your workflow