Using multiple different types of case foam

Would this helps to dampen the sound? Or would it made sound thockier?

Lets say first bottom layer is a Poron foam, then Eva Foam, or PE Foam, would the foam affects the sounds similar to tape mod?

Sound is a pretty complicated topic. The answer most people want in this situation is “Foam X will do this, Foam Y will do that, and Foam Z another thing.”

The reality is the answer is far more nuanced. It depends on so many factors, such as: what material is your case? Are you using a plate? How large is the case (i.e. 40 vs TKL)? What is the mounting style? How much space between PCB and case bottom? What kind of switches are you using?

My polycarb MK8X is naturally much quieter than my HAAH ABQ. I could put the same foam combos in each and get totally different sound.

In short, the best answer is: experiment.

I bought neoprene and sorbathene a few months ago and found I liked the sound of neoprene much better than sorbathene even though it is supposed to be a “better” product.

The tape mod came about because of experimentation. There was no sound formula that took into account the properties of tape. Someone just had a shower thought as gave it a go.


Thank you for your answer, I guess I just cant wait for my keyboard to arrive haha

I’ll definitely experiment with the foams!