UT47 - Pro Micro Upside Down

Recently I’ve build UT47 keyboard and there is an issue with pro micro being too thick for the case. It’s not possible to tighten screws all the way on one side, as the bottom plate pushes against the usb socket of Pro Micro
There are two spots for Pro Micro and I was wondering if it would be possible to solder another Pro Micro upside down so that everything fits and do some kind of hacks so that everything works?

Also, are there any cases on the market that would fit ut47 pcb?

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What case are you using? The UT47 used a pcb plate and bottom as far as I know, so there you could just use longer standoffs.

Could you take a photo showing the issue?

You can just remove the plastic part of the Pro Micro header pins to get it to be lower profile, just pry it up.

I find this isn’t always easy. Sometimes the plastic part melts to the pins when soldering, making it very hard to remove.