UV Reactive Keycaps

GMK Laser keycaps arrived yesterday so I put them under a blacklight because I remembered the pink being pretty UV reactive (Rad! keycap in the picture).

I also happened to have a few GMK Kaiju keycaps sitting on my desk and saw that the orange in them is wildly reactive! I’m not sure if it’s just the contrast with the orange but you can see that the white in the set comes out purple when under UV. It really gives off a radioactive vibe. @Nephlock, were you aware?

From what I understand UV light is pretty bad for ABS caps over long periods so I won’t be running the blacklight regularly but it’s very cool to look at. Anyone know of other caps that react to UV?


I tried 365nm UV against my PBT olive keycaps, boring black ABS, and black shine-through ABS but sadly none were reactive. My colourways aren’t exciting as yours.
Note that UV light is bad for your eyes. I use UV protective goggles when doing UV photography. Looks cool but IMO not recommended without PPE!

good to know, I was not aware of that. Do all of those college kids with black light posters know?

For some people it’s just worth it, haha.

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