Variable actuation in Razer Huntsman V2 😳

Force sensitive actuation is pretty cool…

“You’ll be able to program the keyboard so that pressing a key down slightly will make you walk slowly in game, while pressing it fully will have you running at a normal clip…”

“Razer’s switches can be customized to your specific actuation preferences for gaming or any other use case. The Huntsman V2 Analog keys have a default 3.6mm travel, but you can adjust the distance to a much shorter 1.5mm or anywhere between those values.”


very interesting. Looks like theye even went with a standard bottom row this time. Analog keyboards have always peaked my interest but i’ve never had the chance to try one


SteelSeries has the Apex Pro: which is very similar. I own this board and it’s amazing. It’s a bold claim, but the OmniPoint switches are the smoothest switches I’ve ever typed on. So, Razer needs to at least match that.