Varmilo's Solution to PBT-Warping Spacebars

Thought this was interesting when browsing upcoming stock. I don’t know if Varmilo produces their keycap sets in-house though.


Surprised this thread hasn’t gotten anymore than a few updoots? I agree that this is an ingenious ideal & would especially do wonders for 7u spacebars if companies like ePBT & Infinikey would adopt it. Although I guess it is possible Varmilo has the process patented, but in that case I would say Varmilo is missing a golden opportunity by just making the caps for their boards only. Varmilo & Leopold’s double shot & dye-sub PBT caps are super high quality & I know I’d be down to see some custom sets with extensive coverage from them. Wishful thinking there I think though, I doubt the money they’d make from keycap sales would even come close to what they make on the boards themselves.


I would really like to see Varmilo custom sets, especially since they’re good on custom legends!


I didn’t even think about that. They do, do custom legends really well. I’ve never seen a set that suits my tastes, but definite was impressed with the winner winner chicken dinner, panda, & other custom dyesub sets they put on their boards. Also they do sell some keycap sets, but they are just regular 104 key kits that’ll only cover ANSI 100%, ANSI TKL, or ANSI 60% layouts. sells them if your interested.

The thought of having a new cherry profile PBT set where everything above 1u isn’t a varying degree of banana shaped would be pretty rad.

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