[Vendor] EloquentClicks is a new vendor stepping in the game for the EU region

Hello Keebtalk!

Today, we (My wife and myself) have opened a new keyboard store based in Spain.

Our goal is to increase the in-stock options and stock stability of items for European enthusiasts. We hope to avoid excessive shipping times and hidden custom fees.

We would also like to partner with smaller keyboard communities, such as our local Spanish community in order to fix the lack of language-specific ISO. We have already made some progress on this, as we are already in talks with Tai-hao and Keychron in order to produce their keycap sets in ISO ES very soon! We would also love to do this with other small communities!

  • Our main brands can be summarized here:

KBDFANS - Cases, Plates, PCBs, Keycap sets and more!

Krytox - 205g0 (105 coming soon!)

Super Lube - 51004 Synthetic Oil with PTFE and 21030 synthetic grease NLGI grade 2

Tai-hao Keycaps - Coming soon!

Keebstuff - Custom Coiled Cables

Mechanical Keyboards - Ducky, Keychron, GMMK (coming soon!)

Lots of Gateron switches, switch pullers, and other goodies

We will be adding way more items about 2 weeks from now with TX keyboards, Durock, and other partners you will be surprised to see!

  • SHIPPING. We ship from Alicante, Spain

At the moment we are focused on EU countries only. We have tried to keep our shipping costs as cheap and as fast as possible. Something we hope we can continue to lower as we increase our shipping volume with DHL.

Free shipping options are also available for Spain, Portugal, and Andorra. We hope to expand to other EU countries as we go!

6 months ago, we thought opening a keyboard store was an impossible task. However, against all odds and with much of your support, we have made it 1-week so far and have received tremendous support. we hope we can continue to be better and better every day!

If you would like to get a hold of us, we are on Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Reddit, and of course, here on Keebtalk!

Thank you!


It nice to have another EU vendor.

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Thank you!

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love to see more ISO sets made, it helps introduce more people into the hobby