[Vendor] Gazzew U4T - Gateron Cap Yellows and More - 3DKeebs.com

Hey KeebFam!

Davis here! As I promised, Gazzew’s U4 Thocks ( U4T) are available NOW. That’s the headline!

Black History Month is coming, and if you know me and the one of the missions of the shop,then you know I have some good things coming to celebrate so Sign up for the Newsletter and/or join the Discord for the quickest of updates!

Hyperglide GB is still live!!! There is a little less than a week remaining !! All orders will be SHIPPED :slight_smile:

Available Inventory Below:
Gazzew Silent Linear Stems - $2.50/10
Deskey Films - $7
PCB Clip in Stabs
KBD Stab Foams
Durock T1’s - 6.50
Durock Koalas - $6
Gateron Milk Cap Yellow - $13.50/35
Gateron Milk Housing Yellows - $3
Gateron Milky Top Yellow & Black - $2.50
Gateron Red Inks - $7.50


  1. I well and truly gotta shout you out for the inventory: you stock stuff that’s good as hell and I really appreciate that
  2. Dang I had not read that mission statement but: good on you. Extremely happy to have bought U4Ts from you just a few weeks back, happy to support you and your business. Y’all got me hooked

that inventory compliment is THE BEST compliment so thank you !! I’m glad I can feed your addiction LOL


saw the announcement on the discord and immediately grabbed 100 of the Gazzew U4 Thocks. Looking forward to the package! =D


Dang if i had some extra money i would definitely buy some of those u4ts! Hopefully, they’ll be in stock next week too

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Thanks for the heads up on the restock. I grabbed 100 to try out.

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Wait… so these are bobas I don’t have to remove the silencing rail thingies from like everyone is telling me to do so?


yessir - completely bumper- ess stem, pics are on the site

Ringerkeys.com should be up to get them next if you miss out on these

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Picked up a batch from yesterday and got a lovely e-mail from you this morning. I love how you have the decision discernment section on the product page. Looking forward to more from y’all!

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Your question here inspired me to make a post comparing the two stems (and addressing whether or not removing those bumpers is a good idea).

Really liking these right now. I actually really didn’t like the Zealios V2 when I tried them. Really loved bobas and enjoying the U4T’s now too. Win-win!

Edit - Before I forget, I will note that some, about 3 or 4, of the switches in the first 69 that I opened and lubed had leaf issues. One was irrecoverable.

Update 2: So thocky.


Hi, are you no longer stocking U4Ts?

They Arrive in Drops, I have another one coming in March - Discord, Instagram or the newsletter for when they arrive. I also post here and reddit when they arrive.The 3DK Keebfam usually gets first dibs tho

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